"if you step back from the complexities of today's marketing and development you will see an elegant story with a natural order of things that make sense"

don't make your brand a short story


how will your story be told?

Create an introduction that will engage the visitors immediately, create a point of view, set the style and tone of your story to compliment a plot that keeps the customer engrossed.

Then develop your character personas and start writing your story. If you are not a natural story teller then get help.


create a strong foundation

There a many ways to get your business story in front of potential customers, from learning how to do it yourself to hiring an agency.

Spend some time to take a look at your competitors then make a decision as to whether you can compete on your own or whether you need assistance.


drop the script & tell your story

The problem with scripted conversations is that they are often boring as shit. Likewise the automation of messaging can remove so much of the personalisation required for the human level transactions of day to day engagement.

Create scripts as story cue cards and automate with care. This is your story so narrate it well.