"It’s time to rewrite the play-book and rekindle the fire of adventure where every moment in life is filled with an active pursuit of adventure, exploration and love"


i am my story

...I am Russell Masters, a man with a zest for life and a mischievousness borne from the desire for adventure, love and exploration.

philisophical thinker

My journey through life has shaped me as a self styled idea designer, philosophical thinker & family man. From screaming down the autobahn in a Hillman Imp when I was a toddler to experimental phases of youth and the spiritual nurturing of cultural encounters with people from around the world.

family man‍‍

As a mate to my wife's soul and Dad to my girls, my story develops into one of amazement, laughter and tears. As often is the case with such bonds of love.
‍"I think we often forget what it is to live because we have forgotten the dreams and adventures that fuelled our imagination as children"‍‍
"life offers us an empty book with which we can write our own story"